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Our Gaperons

PAUL DISCHAMP - Gaperon au lait de vache - Etiquette

Cow’s milk Gaperon

Our Gaperons are handcrafted, moulded by hand and are charmingly not all of the same size. Gaperon is a pasteurised cow’s or goat’s milk cheese with garlic and pepper.
It comes in the form of a 250g dome with a white rind and its fresh paste is very soft and airy.

When young, its taste is fresh and its paste is smooth. As time goes on, it takes on its distinctive character, so cheese lovers be warned!

PAUL DISCHAMP - Gaperon au lait de chèvre - Etiquette

Goat’s milk Gaperon

Pasteurised goat’s milk cheese.

You will appreciate the smoothness and great taste of a goat’s cheese of archetypal character.

Our Tomme cheeses

PAUL DISCHAMP - Tomme de montagne blanche - Etiquette

Tomme de montagne Blanche

Soft cheese made from mountain cow’s pasteurised milk. The small white tomme has a fine white, fluffy rind. It has a characteristic, mild taste.

It weighs about 400g.

Tomme de montagne Prestige

Uncooked pressed cheese, standardised pasteurised cow’s milk, ripened for a minimum of 6 weeks and made from selected fermenting agents.

Tomme Prestige has a grey rind covered in red and yellow mould and weighing around 3kg.

Its paste has a soft and melt-in-the-mouth texture. It boasts a taste of terroir.

Tomme de montagne allégée – Small and large

Low-fat, uncooked pressed cheese made from pasteurised mountain cow’s milk, ripened for a minimum of 15 days. Its grey rind has a soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture. It has a fruity and slightly sour taste.

With only 15% fat, at last there’s a cheese you can eat as much as you like!
The small model weighs about 500 g. The large model weighs about 1.5 Kg.

Tomme Fraîche

The tome fraîche, sometimes called tomme d’aligot, is a strongly pressed, slightly fermented and unsalted curd made from cow’s milk, traditionally extracted from the Laguiole cheese production cycle in the Aubrac and Cantal region or Salers in Haute-Auvergne.

It can be used in cooked dishes such as Aligot or Truffade.

Our Savaron


Savaron is a pasteurised cow’s milk cheese, with an uncooked pressed paste and bloomy rind.

Its production and ripening takes at least 21 days.

Cheese cubes

PDO Auvergne cheese cubes

For the first time, PDO Auvergne cheeses come in cube format! Perfect to go as snacks, with salads or other recipes.

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