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The most seasonal Auvergnat cheese

Its origins go back to the dawn of time…….

Salers comes from a country of wooded volcanic mountains covered with wild grasses in the Cantal volcanic massif.

The area of production, formerly the same as that of the Cantal, is today refocused on the volcanic massif (departments of Cantal, Puy-de-Dôme, Aveyron and Corrèze).

Produced only on farms from 15th April to 15th November, and on the express condition that the cows are fed with grazed grass, the Salers deserves time and attention.
It is the expression of its rough and subtle terroir and the dedication of committed and courageous producers who respect the rhythm of nature that bring out all its character.

The PDO granted to the Salers in 1961 acknowledges the uniqueness of this cheese: fermier, lait cru and only made in summer, when the cows are on the summer pastures (15th April – 15th November).

Only 80 producers perpetuate this ancestral tradition, living a simple and rough life in the volcanic mountains. They use a wooden container for the milk which is essential to the development of the specific aromas: the gerle.
When ripe, the Salers have a golden, thick, dotted rind, sprinkled with red and orange marks and an ivory, tight paste.

Liquorice, gentian or arnica bloom in the grasslands when the cows arrive in the summer pastures and the flora of these mountains, the fruit of this natural and fragrant food, gives the Salers a unique taste revealing the characters of each pasture for each cheese.
Full-bodied, spicy, lactic or fruity … Salers has a robust taste which becomes stronger over the ripening lasting a minimum of 3 months and resulting in a fourme of approximately 40 kg.

Photo d'un fromage AOP Salers

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