To our 270 local producers

For 4 generations, the Fromagerie Paul Dischamp has been working “hand in hand” with passionate local producers.

Our company rose to the rank of National Leader for Saint-Nectaire cheese and Saint-Nectaire Fermier in particular.
We invest our time in the qualitative optimisation of Saint-Nectaire. To reach this goal, we are:

  • at the origin of the implementation of quality-indexed payment for Saint-Nectaire Fermier, which has now been extended to the whole sector.
  • the initiators of cheese technicians in support of the producers of Saint-Nectaire Fermier.
  • the manufacturer and bi-weekly supplier of specific starter cultures for our farmers.
  • constantly seeking ripening optimisation with our R & D engineers.

Today, we work with 270 milk and PDO cheese producers : we respect their work by processing their products with precision and tradition, in the heart of Auvergne.

Our company invests in securing the Auvergne PDO collection areas resulting in a permanent and long-standing investment within the different professions.

We do our utmost to ensure Auvergne cheese PDOs with optimisation of the level of remuneration matching the production constraints for producers in the aim of sustainable farms and to be a committed stakeholder in the local economy.

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