Une vision profondément humaine

Chez nous, l'homme aura toujours sa place : la première...

In the Dischamp Family, being born and living in the heart of Volcano country is a source of pride and opportunity.

For us, nothing will ever replace a real Auvergne cheese, ripened in the tradition of the terroir, thanks to expertise passed on since 1911.

So we strive on a constant basis to help mountain farmers protect this culture which is part of our regional heritage.

Our company has a duty to safeguard this capital: respect for the environment, development of local products and know-how, respect for our terroirs and guarantee of the authenticity of the products.

Our company is committed to sustainable development and ethics: thanks to the efforts of each and every one, we have demonstrated for several years now that dedication, professionalism and consideration of the regulations, ever with consumer health in mind, were key assets in the face of competition.


0 years
average seniority

Dischamp expertise



Dairy technician

Feed, ration balance, herd health, milking machines


Jean-Claude et Damien

Cheese technicians

Setting up Dischamp technology, help in manufacturing, technical monitoring, contact with the cellar.



R&D / Quality engineer

Ensures the technical monitoring of the cheeses during ripening

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