Our history

A one-hudnred-year-old legacy

1904 – 1941: the origins

Our story starts in 1911, when Jean Dischamp, son of a farmer, takes over a cheese business “A la renommée des vrais Saint-Nectaire”, located at the heart of the city of Clermont-Ferrand : the Saint-Nectaire cheeses were then ripened in the volcanic tuff. Paul Dischamp inherits the business in 1941: he merges it with his father-in-law’s company set up in Sayat.

The Paul Dischamp values started growing then and are today at the core of our every actions: produce and ripen high-quality cheeses in the accordance with the traditions.

1941 – 1970: the expansion

In 1953, the Saint-Nectaire & Cantal cheeses ripening cellars are expanded; another expansions is carried out in 1969. Paul Dischamp launches, without success, an activity of frozen food before moving on, this time more successfully, to another project in 1970: butter.

1972 until today: PDO Saint-Nectaire cheese leaders

Upon the death of Paul Dischamp, Philippe Dischamp took over the business and Jean-Luc Dischamp joins him in 1977. In 2007, La Laiterie de la Montagne in Saint-Nectaire is purchased: it produces the Saint-Nectaire, Bleu d’Auvergne, Fourme d’Ambert and Grey and White Tommes de Montage cheeses. The expansion of the company moves ahead in 2008 with the acquisition of the Coopérative de Chambernon in Cantal for the production of PDO Cantal au lait cru. The company is now a century-old and led by the third and fourth Dischamp generations.

The key moments

Jean DIschamp markets his first Saint-Nectaire
Jean Dischamp launches his Saint-Nectaire business
Paul Dischamp relocates the business in Sayat, where he starts ripening the Saint-Nectaire Fermier cheeses
Purchase of la Laiterie de la Montagne in Saint-Nectaire
Acquisition of la Laiterie de Chambernon where is produced our PDO Cantal raw milk cheese
The company celebrate its 100th anniversary
Our Organic Saint-Nectaire Laitier & cheese cubes innovations are launched

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